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Self Reflection - Progress within the AIS Module - Essay Example

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This paper "Self-Reflection - Progress within the AIS Module" focuses on the fact that the AIS module was presented in a structured manner needed due to the scope of a wide range of topics starting from the basic theoretical frameworks of Accountancy and the Information System to the Technology. …
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Self Reflection - Progress within the AIS Module
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Extract of sample "Self Reflection - Progress within the AIS Module"

Download file to see previous pages From the closer assessment of my personal and professional skills, it is apparent that the following skills were developed from the course: analytical skills, critical thinking, and intellectual growth from increased inputs on AIS concepts and theories, comprehension skills, the ability to interpret and apply required tasks and activities, an increased understanding of financial and accounting operations of an organization, among others. Further, skills to enable me to comply with the needed follow-through in the module are likewise improved: prioritization of tasks or time management, problem-solving skills, introspection and even decision-making skills.

The given lectures do not only provide the required explanation for terms being the subjects of discussion; but more importantly, learning goals are identified and illustrations are provided to guide and enhance learning skills. For instance, the topic on transactions processing gave students the lay-outs for sales or revenue cycle, as well as other cycles such as the purchasing, payroll and fixed asset cycle. These layouts assisted students in understanding the theories through a visual representation of elements and interactions among stakeholders: managers, different departments, and external institutions (suppliers, government, and customers).

I realized, however, that there were some topics which are generally difficult to understand given the nature and level of complicated concepts that were presented. For example, the topic of IS auditing was a fairly difficult topic that aimed to provide concepts in the most concise form. It, however, was successful in providing a general overview of the audit techniques and steps from a student’s perspective. Both critical and analytical skills are improved in this phase. I realized that students who developed a deeper interest in the subject would need to make additional research or undertake additional courses on that topic alone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Self Reflection - Progress within the AIS Module Essay - 1, n.d.)
Self Reflection - Progress within the AIS Module Essay - 1.
(Self Reflection - Progress Within the AIS Module Essay - 1)
Self Reflection - Progress Within the AIS Module Essay - 1.
“Self Reflection - Progress Within the AIS Module Essay - 1”.
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