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Texting in the Workplace - Research Paper Example

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Texting in the Workplace: Effective or Not? Outline I. Abstract II. Report Paragraph 1: Mobile Phone and Text Messaging Paragraph 2: Suitable for Task-Based Communication Paragraph 3: On Galushkin’s Study Paragraph 4: The Impact of Mobile Phone in the WorkPlace Paragraph 5: Texting Decreases Productivity Paragraph 6: Text Messaging as a Form of Distraction III…
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Texting in the Workplace Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Its impact to the society is vast but is still in an on-going debate whether it is advantageous or not. For some, the use of text messaging is useful at work because of the fact that a person can still be reached even when he or she is not around the office, in terms of communication with client, and others. However, text messaging is also seen as a hindrance for a productive work because of the time people spend on it, the distraction it gives, and others. This paper has examined and evaluated a few among the literatures that can help the author assess the impact of text messaging in the workplace to give some indications that can help in the future career. II. Report Mobile phone has been a device that is widely distributed in the world. For some, it has been a necessity just like parts of their everyday lives. However, its impact to the society is still being explored through various researches. Some claim the advantages that mobile phone has contributed to them while the others states its disadvantages to the society. However, one certain impact of mobile phone has been noted. Through mobile phone, text messaging has turned out to be a form of mass communication in the society (Rheingold, 2002). ...
This review aims at providing a cursory outlook on texting in the workplace and may not be a representative of the complete array of information concerning text messaging. Indeed, text messaging is proven to be advantageous in some points but text messaging that is situated in the workplace is still an on-going discussion. According to Langer (2008), researches concerning text messaging in the workplace are only limited. For Daft and Lengel, text messaging is much more suitable for task-based communication (as cited in Hu, Wood, Smith & Westbrook, 2004). On the one hand, on an account on text messaging, Galushkin’s (2003) claims that text messaging has the ability to be a rich medium in distributed organizations. In such a way, text messaging is asserted to be a more important means of communication and also that it has the more advantage of its ability to facilitate a communication which is fast even if the users are distant to each other. However, the disadvantage of text messaging is the less rich quality of communication because it lacks the audio and visual aspect, facial expression, body language, tone of voice as well as the other non-verbal forms of communication. In terms of work related communication, Galushkin (2003) expresses that the advantage of text messaging is when the employee does not feel inferior when addressing his or her superior. Because of this feeling of inferiority, productivity at work is at stake for the uneasiness and apprehension to talk or ask his or her boss. Productivity can be ensured as well given that the time spent on communication is usually shorter than face to face interaction. Text messaging is really much more efficient because of the advantage of having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Texting in the Workplace Paper Research Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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