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Gun Detector Technology in Criminology - Term Paper Example

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The goal of this writing is to investigate the use of gun detector technologies in criminology. Although the gun detector technology seems to be an effective tool to catch criminals, its use could not be permitted for it will be a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment…
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Gun Detector Technology in Criminology
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Extract of sample "Gun Detector Technology in Criminology"

Download file to see previous pages Technology seems to be the bridge for influencing behavior. At worst, criminals have been utilizing its capacity to assist illegal operations. It has made criminals difficult to apprehend. This is the reason why police officers have been diligent in formulating new ways to catch the perpetrators of advanced illegal activities. Stated otherwise, police authorities have also exhausted high technologies to locate and punish criminals. There have been new gadgets especially created to assist the police. One of which is the gun detector technology. Since its introduction in the commercial market, it has been bombarded with several issues. Constitutional questions have been raised by many. The fourth amendment, particularly on search and seizure has been highly criticized. The primary concern is whether or not using gun detectors would be considered a “search” under the constitution; simply stated, whether such a method is constitutional or not. Significantly, there has been no exact precedent involving the use of gun detector. Nonetheless, there are principles and tests laid down by courts in a few cases which can be made applicable to solve such issue.
The declaration of the United States Justice Department in 1995 that it will be giving grants and awards worth 2.15 million dollars for the creation of a highly advanced gun detector has motivated various inventors (Desmond, qt. in “The Reporter” 3). As a basic requirement, the gun detector should allow the police authorities to spot individuals carrying a concealed gun in public areas (Desmond, qt. in “The Reporter” 3). It should be a device that can penetrate the clothing and other body accessories that a person wears or brings. Furthermore, it should be one that can detect the presence of a gun by accurately showing its features on the device screen.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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