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Nowadays, advanced technology allows detection of deception through questioning techniques and technology that records physiological functions in order to determine if responses are truthful or false. According to HENIG (2006), they are used in various places such as in law…
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Lie detectors al affiliation Outline (lie detector) Introduction Nowadays, advanced technology allows detection of deception through questioning techniques and technology that records physiological functions in order to determine if responses are truthful or false. According to HENIG (2006), they are used in various places such as in law enforcement. The common one that is used is a voice technology, a polygraph, that measures various records and measures of physiological indices which may include respiration, blood pressure, skin conductivity and respiration (Brown, Senter, Ryan, & DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE POLYGRAPH INST FORT JACKSON SC, 2003).
Thesis statement
Deceptive answers are always distinguished through the physiological responses that differentiate truth from lies thus it is a tool used for the recognition of truth and deception.
Route map
An example of a lie detector being used in interrogating a suspect. It is used in telling if a person is telling the truth or if the person is lying both are detected automatically.
Reasons for growing ability
The voice technology, especially the use of polygraphs are commonly made for interrogation with different questions that detects one is telling the truth or a lie and manipulation of voice and how the person speaks tells more.
The reason they are still considered is because there are less than 5% of ‘good people at detecting lies’ are easily deceived and most out of empathy or emotions may not distinguish truth from lies (Roth, Williams, Phifer, & Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc, 2010).
Polygraphs streamline and enable further investigation to occur, hence will always be preferable in law enforcement to avoid criminals getting away.
Positive and negative changes
The deception devices may be better at detecting of liars and holding them in custody for further investigations (Brett, Phillips, & Beary, 1986).
Unfortunately, some innocent people out of anxiety will have a shaky voice thus detected as liars leading to their unforeseen fate.
Some people are also trained in lying hence may fail to be detected and some too are always ready to die other than tell the truth.
Voice technology through use of lie detectors may be of use in enforcing the law by distinguishing those telling the truth from lies. However, the limitations of trained liars and some honest, people may fail to be recognized leading to injustice. It is not always favorable to use them.
Presentation task
In the last few decades, technology/scientific development has taken place in many areas and this affects us on the both a personal level and within our professions. Lie detection, a form of voice technology has been growing widespread and available, especially in law courts to investigate the truth. The good judgments made are helpful to individuals as well as the society while the negative effects affect them as well and may hinder justice.
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Lykken, D. T. (1974). Psychology and the lie detector industry. American Psychologist. doi:10.1037/h0037441 Read More
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Outline Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 60.
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