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Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby - Assignment Example

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The author of the "Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby" paper states that the Bilby Business Association is keen on developing a regional health care center by destroying the historical graveyard. The author believes that the environment is fragile and needs to be preserved…
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Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby
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Extract of sample "Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby"

Download file to see previous pages It is to be noted that the graveyard supports native grasses and orchids that are otherwise extinct locally. Moreover, graveyard/wetlands provide sanctuary for growling grass frogs which are nationally endangered. Therefore, it would be a major loss not only to the environment but to the heritage as well if the graveyard is encroached upon for the development purpose.

Apart from this, the proposal of the building of the dam is a threat to several rare species of frogs at the waterhole and is also believed to destroy river flora and fauna because of the reduced flow. In fact, the leader of Bilby Landcare, John Russell, who is also a member of the local branch of Greens is strictly opposed to the development and has emphasized the environmental problems of encroaching on grasslands and forest areas.

In regard to the same, I would like to invite your esteemed organization to a press conference-cum-discussion being organized tomorrow at (pls mention location) at 11 am. We will have Garrett Pietro of the famous rock band Grassroots to launch our campaign against the development. Kindly send a reporter and a photo-journalist for the coverage.
Voicing strong concerns over the development of the medical center on the location of the historical Bilby graveyard, the Bilby Landcare Association launched a campaign today at the entrance of the graveyard, opposing the move by the Bilby Business Association.

The campaign kicked-off with the playing of a song – composed specially for the occasion – by Garrett Pietro of the famous rock band Grassroots. The whole gathering was emotionally moved by the composition.

Leader of Bilby Landcare, John Russell presented an interim environmental report which made strong claims for the declaration of the area as unique grassland, containing endangered species. Talking to media-persons, Russell pointed out: “If we destroy this habitat, we’ll never get it back again – we are ruining the future for our children. We have a responsibility to them, to give them an environment that will support them and their children. Life is more than just buildings.” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby Assignment - 1.
(Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby Assignment - 1)
Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby Assignment - 1.
“Press Conference on Preservation of Environment at Bilby Assignment - 1”.
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