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The Role of the Media in Contemporary Society - Term Paper Example

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This essay tells about public debates on the way media manipulates public opinion and presents fiction or assumptions as facts. With advanced technology, the media is seen to have great power in the process of manipulating the viewers…
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The Role of the Media in Contemporary Society
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Download file to see previous pages The media can decide and manipulate its attention as it feels and this too is amply displayed when suddenly the focus shifts from Roxie to Lucy.  Peter Nicholson conveys the same message of how media can make fiction appear as reality in his cartoon picture.  The techniques that media use can influence the viewers’ outlook as director Peter Weir has proved in The Truman Show.
The Truman Show moves between three different worlds.  The director Peter Weir and writer Andrew Nichol have made extensive use of visual language to convey some ideas about the role and power of the media in our modern society.  The character Truman has metaphorical significance and is largely the result of how the image is constructed to create meaning.  Weir employs a set of fine cinematographic techniques which has been ironic to manipulate and control people. This makes the film very strong in its influence on the audience.  The film itself also employs several themes that are the role of the media in contemporary society, illusion versus reality, corruption and the significance of consumerism/materialism in the contemporary world.  With these considerations in mind, we can look in more detail at how the film manages to achieve its effect. In the process, we can compare the film’s message with relevant messages contained in the film Chicago and in a cartoon picture by Peter Nicholson in which characters’ emotional development is paralleled by their move from a superficial black and white world to a vibrant, brightly colored one. The central premise of The Truman Show is that the main character Truman Burbank has been adopted since birth by television.  He was brought up and lived all through in a synthetic environment without realizing it.  The film starts with the character living in an ordinary little seaside town of Seahaven Island.  The director Christoff, true to his name, has been successful in creating this image on the screen.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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