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A Questionnaire as the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool - Research Paper Example

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The paper "A Questionnaire as the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool" states that in the last 5 years, 29.3% of the participants had participated in 1 conference, 29% had participated in 2 conferences, 30% had not participated in any while 11.7% had participated in 3 or more conferences. …
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A Questionnaire as the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool
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Extract of sample "A Questionnaire as the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool"

Download file to see previous pages The only problem with mailed questionnaires is that they may fail to reach their destination thus affecting the final return rate.
While evaluating questionnaires as a method for collecting data, some aspects are put into perspective. Mainly these aspects are guided by ethical practices which guide the research study in order to attain the required rigor. Research ethics demands that a respondent is informed of any financial benefits for taking part in any survey. According to researchers, this is a morale booster and often makes the respondent give as much information as possible. The Management Sciences questionnaire is positive in that the respondents are informed if a possible financial benefit; they will be entered for a competition draw with a possible price of 200 pounds worth of gift vouchers. Further, it is important to always inform your respondents about the importance of the survey; is it to benefit them or why do they count in your survey. This is an aspect which is clearly put across in the opening statement of the Management Sciences questionnaire.
Security of participant data/information is very important in any survey and should always be guaranteed. Participants in any research study are always informed of the security of the information they give in the introduction part of the questionnaire. This is not the case with the Management if Sciences questionnaire. Participants are not made aware of the security of the data/information they are about to give.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Questionnaire As the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool Research Paper)
A Questionnaire As the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool Research Paper.
“A Questionnaire As the Mostly Used Data Collection Tool Research Paper”, n.d.
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