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Professional Identity for Military Officer - Essay Example

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The essay "Professional Identity for Military Officer" focuses on the idea that becoming a successful military officer is not just a profession, but a way of life, it is not something that can happen overnight but is something that must take time and perseverance, future officers cannot allow themselves to succumb to fame and wealth…
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Professional Identity for Military Officer
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Extract of sample "Professional Identity for Military Officer"

Download file to see previous pages Among all of the professionals, a military officer is a unique profession, one in which the officer needs to pay more attention to the creation of a professional identity. A military officer, unlike other professions, must deal with hard work, pressure, and stress more often than others. Training for their career will not be a cakewalk, and neither will it be one after they have met the standards to become a military officer. The army officer needs professional identity not to obtain fame or wealth but to fulfill the citizen’s responsibility for national security. The creation of a professional identity for a military officer is different from other professions. These are included in the following:
It is obvious that a military officer’s dressing is different from the public. Professional standards have created a societal value that one’s dress must be identifiable and formal to be considered as professional. The better a professional’s appearance is, the better they will feel about themselves and the more work they will get done. This value is translated into areas other than the workplace. Besides that, the military has set of strict rules and regulations for dressing e.g. like polished shoes, not wrinkled, all buttons are done up, straight gig line, tie tack/clip centered, and break of trouser crease or skirt above/below the knee cap, Nameplate, and Grade insignia.

The dressing is considered a serious problem in the military. Dressing and personal appearance reflect military disciplines. It is an important factor to establish the overall spirit of pride and honor as a military officer. If a military officer were to break these codes, they would be setting a bad example for those on the outside that are watching them; they would make their profession seem sloppy and unprofessional. The uniform allows the military officers to look their best whether they are in their place of work or not. At all times, they must remain professional in look and attitude, but how they look will have the most immediate impact. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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