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Forum 6 - Chapters 11, 12 - Assignment Example

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The ports have networked computer control systems and other advanced technologies to rule out the possibilities of attacks. The ports also handle millions of tons of domestic export, and…
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Forum 6 - Chapters 11, 12
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Extract of sample "Forum 6 - Chapters 11, 12"

Port Facility, Technology and Security How does port facility technology interface with homeland security? The homeland and national security rely on the facilities at the ports to keep off threats. The ports have networked computer control systems and other advanced technologies to rule out the possibilities of attacks. The ports also handle millions of tons of domestic export, and import cargo annually (GOA 2002). To effectively manage these roles, they have to use sophisticated technology to trace and track ships, as well as, the cargo. The technology systems improve the ports ability to monitor what leaves and enters the country. The effective use of technology at the ports, therefore, boosts the state of homeland security (GOA 2012).
What is Continuity of Operations Planning?
It is the effort within agencies and individual executive departments that ensure the Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs) are carried out even during emergencies. The PMEFs should also be executed during accidents, localized acts of nature, as well as, technologically attack-related occurrences. The government has partnerships with players in the private sectors and non-federal government bodies that play crucial roles in maintaining homeland security. COOP also aims at protecting essential records, equipment, and facilities. The planning gives the opportunity to transfer statutory responsibilities and authority from the primary staff to employees in other agencies.
How does situational awareness and situational readiness affect port safety and emergency management?
Situational awareness is an important skill when it comes to port safety. Deploying competitive units at the ports ensures that the security forces and the nation at large stay aware of the surroundings. It ensures that the security environment at seaports is certain by undertaking comprehensive assessments of vulnerabilities and threats. Situational readiness establishes strategies to minimize and avert adverse impacts that are associated with emergencies. It facilitates port safety by means of immediate and active responses (GOA 2002).
Why is technology so vital in port facility security?
Technology in port facility plays a crucial role in securing critical infrastructure that is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Lack of the technological systems would have debilitating impacts on all forms all national security. The technology also aids in scanning of shipping containers and cargo for drugs and nuclear threats (GOA 2012).
GAO. (2012) Maritime Security: Progress and Challenges 10 Years after the Maritime Transportation Security Act. General Accounting Office. Retrieved from on June 10, 2015
GAO (2002) Combating Terrorism: Actions Needed to Improve Force Protection for DOD Deployments through Domestic Seaports. General Accounting Office, Retrieved from on June 10, 2015 Read More
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(Forum 6 - Chapters 11, 12 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Forum 6 - Chapters 11, 12 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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