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Measures by which the programme for the construction of the structure could be reduced - Essay Example

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This is because altering them in the final stage will drastically change the cost implications and program and consequently affect the design of the critical elements of the…
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Measures by which the programme for the construction of the structure could be reduced
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Extract of sample "Measures by which the programme for the construction of the structure could be reduced"

Download file to see previous pages It also emits Carbon Dioxide which is a major air pollutant and a determining factor to global warming. The main obstacles faced by the construction industry, thus, are to convey buildings that are economic in sustaining the life quality. This goes hand in hand with time reduction on the effect of the environmental, economic, social drains that affects us in one way or another. The main focus of this document is to elaborate on the obligations, benefits and background to sustainable building construction. Ways of meeting these obligations are provided at the end.
The first crucial step is to seek permission from the local authority in form of an application for change of user. This will need the approval of the local authority’s plans for the area. (IEEE, 2005).That is, whether the area is official recognized as an industrial area only or a residential area. Depending on the prevailing by-laws, the approval may be issued or not. Afterwards, we can proceed to the preliminary design of the office. That is, the floor layout of the offices required among other things. These specifications will be tailored to the client in Hong Kong. A detailed assessment of the existing building will be done to check integrity of the current building, the kind of foundation, parts of the building that are intact or need re-designing to fit in the preliminary design. This will be done with assistance of the current building’s construction team, the building inspection unit from the local authority and the proprietors of the new building. We may need to consider all renovations done previously and any recommendations from the local authority inspection unit.
After the detailed assessment is performed, a provisional design is done incorporating the findings in the earlier conducted detailed assessment. The design is presented to the client for his approval and finally forwarding to the local ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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