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Quiz Answers - Essay Example

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5. Saturn has a turbulent atmosphere. It is less interesting to look at though than Jupiter's. It has sulfur in the atmosphere which makes it mostly grey. There are bands of color, violent winds sometimes occur around 1,000 miles per hour. Jupiter on the other hand has molecules of hydrogen and helium as well as sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen…
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Quiz Answers
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Diane Tipton Phy 107 Grand Canyon Chapter 12 5. Saturn has a turbulent atmosphere. It is less interesting to look at though than Jupiter's. It has sulfur in the atmosphere which makes it mostly grey. There are bands of color, violent winds sometimes occur around 1,000 miles per hour. Jupiter on the other hand has molecules of hydrogen and helium as well as sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. It has violent storms. Colors are reflected through the ions and the atmospheric motion is constant, making it very interesting to look at.
13. A shepherd satellite is a small moon that sits near the edge of a planetary ring and helps stabilize the gravitational pull.
14. It did not see Titan because of a storm and the fact that it was on the other side of Saturn.
17. It shows evidence of geological activity that appears in the form of fault movement and there has recently been appearance of what appears to be water vapor.
18. Is it really a moon or is it a spaceship We do not know for sure what it is at this point but we do know that it is geodesic which does not occur in nature.
Chapter 13.
1. It was originally discovered by John Flamstead in 1690 but he did not realize it was a planet. In 1781 William Hershcehl found it while surveying the skies.
2. Astronomers suspected an either planet beyond Uranus because of the Miranda has geological features that make it appear to be a planet.
8. We do not know for sure. We think they are about the same but we also know that Uranus and Neptune both have gravitational fields that are off center and we are not yet sure why that is.
11, We think that it may be from radiation darkening but again, we are not totally
19. The shepherds satellites cause the rings to be thin by the gravitational pull that they hold
Chapter 14.
1. These are asteroids with satellites.
2. Asteroids are sometimes difficult to photograph but some of the best have been provided from amateurs using telescopes.
5. C-type asteroids reside mostly in the outer belt but are the most predominant type. S-type only make up about 17% of asteroids and are mostly silicon
7. Comets are invisible if they are far from the sun and look like a fire ball going through our atmosphere.
8. Most comets reside in the outer limits of the system
11. We do not know for sure. We think most comets are made of ice and gases.
15. Some planets are no longer there or they were mislabeled as planets
Chapter 15
1. The properties of the solar system are scale, mass and density, revolution, rotation, and present position
15. One very interesting way is the formation of gases that have moved together to form water droplets in some cases and atmospheres in others. Earths atmosphere is an example.
17. Our solar system exists so they use the probability system to some point. They use the high powered telescopes available and search on a planned grid and they of course look not only from the space station but various studies that we send up.
18. At this point we 403 planets discovered there are 0 earth like planets. Read More
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Quiz Answers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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