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TEDSBOX Packaging and the benefits in the Food and Beverage Industry - Essay Example

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The Department of Business and professional Regulation requires that the food and beverage production process be governed by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCPs) to mitigate the risk of contamination (Bryan,…
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Download file to see previous pages The main component of the packaging system is creating a controlled environment. Temperatures form the most significant component of CCPs. As such, with the packaging system, temperatures are controlled to ensure that the contents are transported at a favorable environment. The food and beverage industry is a beneficiary of the new system. The process of food and beverage production is a cyclical process. It commences from production to packaging, distribution, and consumption. In an instance whereby food products are transported but reach the customer while stale, the products are not fit for consumption. With the TEDSBOX, the environmental deviation systems are put on track to ensure that the cycle is efficient. If the entire food and beverage consignment reaches the consumer in the desired quality, the production process is considered as efficient; hence, maximizing sales.
Tracking the environmental deviation system is a new technology that ensures that the production to consumption process is complete with minimal wastage. As such, the new packaging eliminates the chancing that distributors relied on to bridge the products from producers to consumers. Distributors can control the environment in which they transport different food and beverage products; hence, reducing the risk of contamination and obsolescence (Perishable Goods Shipping Problems).
Bryan, F. (1992). Hazard analysis critical control point evaluations: A guide to identifying hazards and assessing risks associated with food preparation and storage. Geneva: World Health ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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