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My Experience and Passion for Business - Personal Statement Example

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The paper contains a personal statement of an author who has been interested in the field of business and management since the primary school days in Germany and later in high school in London. The author has also been fascinated by different languages and cultural differences…
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My Experience and Passion for Business
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Extract of sample "My Experience and Passion for Business"

I also took money for giving out keys to the clients and maintained a strong relationship with the clients for continuous business transactions.

My experience and passion for the business have also been informed by my duration of work at Psh, a car rental company, in 2012. I worked as a part-time agent with the organization for six months where I dealt with high clients and luxury cars. In this role, I took deposits, organized appointments, and showed the cars to the clients. I believe that the skills I have gained make me competent personnel in the field of business and management. I also take myself as a multi-cultural being based on the diverse language skills I have acquired that will enable me relevant in any part of the world where the languages apply. The experience makes me qualified to own and manage my own business in the future. My hobbies include reading books, swimming, going out with friends and listening to music. The idea of learning to communicate with people of diverse language and cultural origins has appealed to me over the years, which I hope to accomplish by being my own manager in the future. Read More
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My Experience and Passion for Business Personal Statement.
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