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New World Textiles will be located along xxx, a place popular with tourists and visitors of all kinds and from different countries…
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Download file to see previous pages Currently, the retail and fashion industry tends to be biased towards dressings as opposed to home products. However, a close analysis of fashion trends and customer preferences from a research conducted by our research team has revealed a great need for home textile products that are environmentally friendly, affordable, and trendy. With this view in mind, we intend to tailor our products to meet these specific needs. In particular we will provide products made from high quality organic materials with great focus on colours, styles and fits. Our products will include xxxx. These will be made from organic materials such as cotton, silk and wool. Our products will be made or processed In India and exported for sale to Hollywood, Los Angeles.
Our core business activity is the design, branding and selling of organic textiles. Our secondary business activities include research and development of organic farming techniques and inputting this information back to the organic cotton suppliers.
New World Textiles aims to develop relationships of mutual benefits with its suppliers using a fair trading platform. With a low supply of organic cotton strained by the rapidly growing demand, It is beneficial for New world textiles to play an influential role in the supply chain of organic textiles through the engagement of CSR activities.
New World Textiles is a start-up retail business that will sell fashionable home textiles to residents and visitors in Hollywood, Los Angeles. New World Textiles will be located along xxx, a place popular with tourists and visitors of all kinds and from different countries. In particular we will provide products made from high quality organic materials with great focus on colours, styles and fits. Our products will include xxxx. These will be made from organic materials such as cotton, silk and wool.
New World Textiles is a multi-member Limited Liability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Business Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5250 Words.
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