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The company is planning to enter into the cleaning industry of Ealing. The study has been carried out with an aim to develop a business plan for the company to…
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New Business Development
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Download file to see previous pages Various strengths and weaknesses of the organization have been identified which are internal to the organization’s environment. The opportunities and threats which are probable to appear in near future have also been identified through analytical processes. These opportunities and threats are external to the organization’s environment. The management and operational plan of the organization has been developed considering all of the essential aspects which are required under the respective plans. To give proper attention to the financial aspect of the business proper financial planning has been provided which describes the initial costs which are required to initiate the business operations. To keep the business operations on a safer side and to resist the failure of the plans additional contingency plan has also been developed through a critical analysis of all the aspect of the business and its environment. Proper appendices have been provided in the end of the report to support the analytical approach for the development of the business plan.
Perfect Cleaning and Shopping (PCS) is involved into the business of providing quality services of cleaning and shopping assistance to its customers. The company mainly focuses on providing cleaning services which is considered as the primary service offered by the company. Additionally the company also includes innovative service of providing assistance in the shopping to its customer at flexible service hours of the company.
The company Perfect Cleaning and Shopping is a sole proprietorship company with a centralized ownership structure. The company has a future plan to bring out its public offerings provided the company achieves its predetermined milestones which will support the organization in further expansion activities. The company has a hierarchical organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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New Business Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 Words.
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