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The Impact of Coffee on the Global Marke - Essay Example

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In the paper “The Impact of Coffee on the Global Market” the author analyzes the impact of coffee in the world. Coffee is arguably one of the main beverages if not the main beverage consumed every morning all over the world. Indeed the impact of coffee is immense…
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The Impact of Coffee on the Global Marke
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"The Impact of Coffee on the Global Marke"

Download file to see previous pages Consumer demand is on the rise for such coffee and as people continue to drink such coffees the quality of coffee is one issue that will not be overlooked (Myers, n.d). Coffee is also consumed for its value of inhibiting sleep. This usually enables individuals who were involved in an activity to continue even late in the night without the inhibition of sleep. Additionally, Coffee is a source of employment for many people of the world. Coffee is said to be the second most traded product after Oil (Solange  et..Al, 2011).   This potentially means that it provides employment to many people at different levels. These include the famers who plant the crop, the people who transport the crop to the market, the people involved in the conversion of coffee from berries to the finished product, the individuals providing packaging for the coffee as well as the marketers, distributers, Warehouse operators and also the shipping companies and many more. In addition, the impact of Coffee has many positives about the provision of a beverage and employments at different levels. That said, it cannot be overlooked that there have been certain challenges with regard to employment and the remuneration of people involved globally in the production of Coffee which need to be addressed. These have led to maintaining of the poverty cycle, gender discrimination, as well as enrichment of a few intermediaries at the expense of the majority who are involved in the production cycle. If these issues are not addressed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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