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Fair trade company that specialises in coffee and tea - Assignment Example

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This write-up is an analytical paper focusing on the fair trade company that specializes in coffee and tea. An existent Fair Trade organization in Sumatra protects the ecosystem and the community at large. It enables farmers to improve their lifestyles…
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Fair trade company that specialises in coffee and tea
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Download file to see previous pages The present research has identified that the fourth largest coffee producing country in the entire globe is Indonesia. The start of coffee production in the country dates back to the colonial times. The economic activity has greatly contributed to the growth and development of the country. The country’s location makes it suitable for the production of coffee. The country flourishes in an ideal geography of coffee plantations. The geographical coordinate system contributes to the ideal climate for the growth and production. The latitude and longitude contribute to the prevalent environmental degradation and the destruction of forests that offer a conducive place for the growth of endemic tree species in the entire world. In 2007, the country produced a total of 420,000 metric tons in the volume of coffee. The country exported 271,000 metric tons of the total amounts and allowed 148,000 metric tons for local consumption. On the exports, 25 percent encompasses Arabica coffee, with the remaining being Robusta coffee. The country’s Arabica Coffee is strong-bodied with a low acidic nature. These qualities make them suitable for blending purposes with the higher acidic brands from the Central part of America. The governor from Dutch in Malabar, India sent a ship of Coffee Arabica seedlings to the governor in Batavia in 1699. Currently, Jakarta is the new name for Batavia. The planting activity was successful. Hence, the exportation venture commenced in 1711. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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