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The Role and Importance of Professional Associations - Essay Example

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The author of this essay under the title "The Role and Importance of Professional Associations" mainly focuses on the benefits that students gain from learning in a professional context outside the learning institutions while taking their studies. …
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The Role and Importance of Professional Associations
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Extract of sample "The Role and Importance of Professional Associations"

Download file to see previous pages Professional skills refer to the skills essential for students to be successful in professional activities and practice enhance through interaction. The skills can be transferred and have the features like; self-confidence, self-image, self-esteem, understanding of ethical issues, meeting deadlines, being punctual, socializing well with others in the organization, showing interest and initiative.
Work-integrated learning refers to various forms of workplace learning such as field and work placements, industrial project, that are undertaken by students while studying. Results show that graduates who experience work-integrated learning appreciate the importance of the course study and get encouraged finishing their course programs compared to those who haven’t experienced. They establish a strong professional identity quickly and are in a position to employ the skills learned through practice association or interaction.
Getting into a new environment of working after graduating, the graduates face challenges on ways to learn and work in the strange situation that is not predictable. Project teams and associations require flexibility and professional skills gained through interaction or association. Graduates should be able to do work in the administration to meet the objectives required and achieve positive results. In such a case, a graduate needs to enroll in a professional association to help them gather and learn more about their relevant areas of duty. The graduates and employers who are enrolled in professional association programs understand the benefits of properly-developed professional skills for career improvement. The table below gives a summary of the needs of the current workplace.
Skills, knowledge, and attitude are elements of success in ones’ work. The graduates need this as they get to any work so that they can interact with others effectively and complete work in the given time frame. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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