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APN Role Introductory statement The role of Advance Practice Nursing (APN) has become one of the prominent factors in context of the modern day health care scenario where the contribution of a nurse practitioner is considered equally significant in comparison to the other high level health care professionals (American College of Rheumatology, 2013; Jansen & Zwygart-Stauffacher, 2010)…
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APN Role
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Download file to see previous pages Core APN Competencies The APN is a group of nurse practitioners that includes nurses holding a post graduation in nursing as per the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) (Jansen & Zwygart-Stauffacher, 2010; APRN Joint Dialogue Group, 2008). The group ensures a vital role in the future of the health care industry. Contextually, it has been affirmed that there are certain core competencies that together form an efficient and effective APN nurse (Joel, 2013). They are illustrated in detail hereunder. Expert Coaching and Guidance An APN nurse should have the leadership skills to initiate guidance or mentorship in given point of time. This means the nurse should be able to put her vision into action while associating with a particular health care unit. He/she should also need to acquire the skills including proper education, expertise in clinical content and implementation of proper learning principles among others to incorporate the competency (Hamric, Hanson, Tracy & O'Grady, 2013; Bryant-Lukosius, DiCenso, Browne, & Pinelli, 2004). Consultation This is a vital competency to be acquired not only for APN but also for any other health care professional. ...
Research Skills In accordance to these competencies, the APN should have the ability to research more and more with regard to derive a thorough understanding. In this regard, evidence-based programs of teachings and implementation of evidence-based literature for clinical practices would be vital aspects to be considered (Cooke, Gemmill & Grant, 2008). Clinical and professional leadership This competency of the APN requires the nurses to act as a change agent in certain cases and advocate for patients. Furthermore, he/she should require acting as a leader in certain circumstances, initiating any decisions of change (Cooke, Gemmill & Grant, 2008). Collaboration Working in collaboration with the members of the health is among the common competencies of an APN. Respecting the work and contribution of the colleagues is a prime requirement in accordance to this competency (Cooke, Gemmill & Grant, 2008) Ethical Decision-Making skills This is an integral part not only for APN but also for any other profession. APN’s should act as a moral agent by generating an ethical environment abiding certain principles and fidelity (Cooke, Gemmill & Grant, 2008). Summary of an APN Outcome Research Study The study of Cooke, Robin Gemmill and Marcia Grant (2008) naming “APN Core Competencies: A Framework for Developing and Testing an APN Discharge Intervention” depicts a vital aspects regarding APN significance. The APN concerning to the research study, conducted various self-care activities to examine the complications that arise in a discharge patient after transplantation. In this stand, it has been further discussed that, core competencies of APN like guidance, consultation, research skills, clinical leadership, collaboration as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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