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The role of the family health practitioner:an advanced nursing practice framework - Essay Example

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This paper explores on the development of a personal advanced nursing practice framework and its application to the recognized roles of the family health.Academic requirements,skills and experience by these registered nurses were listed and fully described…
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The role of the family health practitioner:an advanced nursing practice framework
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Extract of sample "The role of the family health practitioner:an advanced nursing practice framework"

Download file to see previous pages The American Nurses Association includes nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, clinical nurse specialist, and certified registered nurse anesthetists as classes of advanced practice nurses. In addition, the significance of the role of advanced practice nurses was discussed. Imogene King’s Goal Attainment Theory was utilized to reexamine the theoretical frameworks to the advanced practice responsibilities. Family health theory and its integration to primary health care were also described. Lastly, the importance of the role of the family health practitioner as a first point of contact as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the formulated framework with regards to its application to patients in various health states were analyzed. Keywords: advanced nursing practice, family health practitioner, goal attainment theory The Role of the Family Health Practitioner: An Advanced Nursing Practice Framework The different roles of advanced practice nurses are gaining worldwide recognition considering the importance of these health practitioners to the ever shifting health care system. For one, advanced practice nurses provide immeasurable quality care to patients without giving any prejudice to race, sex or economic standing of the patients. They are also proven to serve as cost-effective members of health care centers or hospitals. Advanced practice nurse is defined by the American Nurses Association (2011, p. ...
The nursing theories applied by advanced practice nurses to their day to day activities in real life as a basis for guidance are essential in achieving the correct disposition in the workplace. According to Jansen and Zwygart-Stauffacher (2010), Nursing research uncovers scientific evidence for best practice, and research utilization skills enable advanced practice nurses to bring fresh ideas and proven interventions to health care consumers. Complex, evolving reimbursement mechanism requires that advanced practice nurses education also encompass content in financial management and health policy issues (p. 2-3). Truly, while APNs are expected to deliver advanced nursing attention to their affiliated institution, these professionals tend to work through the limitations of the organization such as conducting home visits to outgoing patients, among others. The basic personal advanced practice nursing framework is consisted of the identification of the evolution of advanced nursing practice, definition and characteristics, educational preparation, roles, regulation, competencies, impact of advanced nursing practice and support for advanced nursing practice. This framework is valuable in creating academic courses, laying out the concepts for clinical studies, influencing government position proclamations and construing advanced nursing practice for health care workers, policy makers, employers and the public (American Nurses Association, 2011). Moreover, adapting a nursing theory is a vital component of advanced practice nursing education since it determines the perspective of the nurse in assessing patient conditions and needs. The theory used for the personal practice framework is the Goal Attainment Theory ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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