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Analysis of selfridges and john lewis - Essay Example

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Within the current era, as well as within the recent past, firms have sought every available means as a function of being more competitive than others within the market. Naturally, this level of competition is defined by a litany of different factors; to include, but not limited…
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Analysis of selfridges and john lewis
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Extract of sample "Analysis of selfridges and john lewis"

Download file to see previous pages es of this particular brief analysis, the author will instead focus upon the issue of logistics with reference to two distinct and historically dynamic British retailers; Selfridges and John Lewis accordingly, the analysis will focus upon the way in which logistics for these two firms have shifted and changed over the years; allowing them to continue to be a dynamic and powerful force within the retail market as well as to remain relevant with the consumer. Ultimately, this continued business acumen that both of these stores have been able to elicit within the consumer market has propagated a level of consumer loyalty and expectation that the logistical strength of these two firms rivals or exceeds any of their closest competition. Therefore, the focus of this analysis will not only be based upon seeking to define the logistical challenges and tactics that have morphed over the years, as represented by Selfridges and John Lewis, it will also be concentric upon discussing the way in which strong logistical choices and growth based upon logistical challenges is an effective tool for listening consumer loyalty and generating further levels of profitability and success.
Analyzing both Selfridges and John Lewis as retailers reveals the fact that similar evolutions in logistics have been evidenced over the recent past. Most recently, a shift has been evidenced with respect to the global supply chain and the means by which globalization has impacted both of these firms. Prior to an era of globalization, the majority of the goods and/or products that were available at either of these retail locations were domestically produced (Jiao, & Liu, 2014). Moreover, the majority of these domestically produced goods were oftentimes shift from a relatively close distance to the store in question. Although it is true that international trade existed for hundreds of years prior to either of these stores establishing themselves on London’s high Street, the approach to which these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Analysis of Selfridges and John Lewis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words)
“Analysis of Selfridges and John Lewis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words”, n.d.
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