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The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development" states that democratization is what China needs to steer it into development so that the country can counter these negative effects that globalization is presenting. With a government that is not 100% willing to fully go into reformation…
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The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development
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Extract of sample "The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development"

Download file to see previous pages Any country first needs to go through economic liberalization and political liberalization before finally settling into a stable democratic situation. Democracy should not at any one point be viewed as if it were socialism, but should be seen as a means of promoting economic development through accountability and protection of individual lawful rights and interests...accountability in the sense that the respective leaders are able to fight corruption, enhance social harmony, strengthen public trust and more importantly empower government institutions that are directly in touch with the people (Liu, 2008, p.1-2). Owing to the Chinese well informed and affluent society on top of having a very dynamic economy, the political change which will lead to democracy in the country is bound to take place, it is inevitable and there is definitely a practical move towards democracy in this country. The argument is that once economic growth is effected, the outcome will be an emergence of more educated men and prominent middle-class entrepreneurs who would in turn demand to have independent decisions over their own assets...the government will finally give in to this pressure, and so democracy will take root (Liu, 2008, p.3-4). The big question is however whether the type of democracy imminent in this nation will be detrimental or beneficial; a challenge may present itself if the resultant economic growth is accompanied by shrinking political freedom in the authoritarian government. The ruling party CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has shown all the positive signs of going through political reforms, but the implications of such a move still remain unknown. The government has therefore resorted to borrowing a leaf from those countries who embraced democracy much earlier and have made their minds on establishing a “deliberative democracy” system which puts together public participation in political issues, authoritative leadership and respect to the rule of law among others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development Coursework)
The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development Coursework.
“The Effect of Democracy on Chinese Development Coursework”.
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