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Introduction to the World Politics - Essay Example

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An author of the present writing attempts to discuss several questions about the basic principles of the world political structure. One of the considered questions is to describe what are the significant issues affecting international politics and foreign policy…
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Introduction to the World Politics
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Download file to see previous pages As highlighted before, owing to the nature of distinctively existing international entities (nations), there is bound to arise ethical debates that arise from each entity wanting to further their own agenda. Such ethical debates have existed from time memorial, and there is one normative position that is taken on key ethical debates, democracy is the fairest and just system of governance and relations. This is because involved parties can arrive to an acceptable compromise. Democracy employs the CAPI (coalesced authority, power and influence) model which assists all parties highlight the actual underlying areas of conflict so as to adequately align authority, power and influence to realize optimal production, output, trade and economic growth. Democracy also employs RDSM (Revised Decision-Square model) (Connolly, 2013). RDSM can be employed to enhance process efficiency through categorizing the numerous important decisions and help in monitoring conflict areas and triggers. Nations can realize a creative and goal oriented decision making process by engraining conflict management into team leadership. Furthermore, nations can categorize conflict into two main groups; functional conflict and dysfunctional conflict. The type of conflict determines how the involved parties will respond to or manage the conflict.The balance of trade is the difference obtained from the monetary value of exports and imports. This is an important economic indicator as to how the country can sustain itself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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