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What roles do international organisations play in global politics - Essay Example

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Multinational companies operate in different countries and they have also accumulated great power on a global scale. With the evolution of international organisations financial markets…
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What roles do international organisations play in global politics
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Extract of sample "What roles do international organisations play in global politics"

Download file to see previous pages Governments, especially of the less developed countries, are heavily dependent on large organisations as they provide job opportunities to local people. MNCs bring with them large investments which is considered important in the economic growth of a country. This makes the role of international organisations important with regards to global politics. In this paper we will attempt to highlight the role of international organisations on global politics. Evolution of international organisations will also be discussed briefly.
Rapid industrialisation was witnessed in the 18th and19th century as firms started mass production of goods. International trade also increased slowly and firms began to expand into different countries. This facilitated growth of private enterprises as companies started to engage in production of goods and services. This is the time when seeds of international organisations were sown and organisations started to accumulate wealth and power.
Agriculture output in Europe increased in the 17th century which facilitated a population growth. This growth in population meant facilitated industrialisation as people started to seek other professions. Also the living standards of the population started to increase greatly in the 17th century which played an important role in fuelling worldwide industrialisation (Lucas, 2002).
When standards of living were higher technological progress was made which again facilitated the process of industrialisation. Firms began to use advance technology to manufacture products. Mass production became possible which again strengthened private firms and helped them to grow even more. Another important development was that road system was improved and railway system was overhauled, and this helped different firms reach a wider target market (Meier & Rauch, 2000).
In the 19the century experts started to advocate capitalism which they thought was responsible for the progress of the world. The doctrine of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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