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The Impact of the Changing Strategic Environment on the Delivery of Land Power - Essay Example

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This paper "The Impact of the Changing Strategic Environment on the Delivery of Land Power" was undertaken to examine the elements that affect the modern military as well as its utility. For purposes of this study, a strategy will be defined as the overall objectives and means of a nation. …
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The Impact of the Changing Strategic Environment on the Delivery of Land Power
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Download file to see previous pages At this level, a strategy would address the relative priority of national security as well as other national objectives, such as providing social welfare by improving the quality of education, infrastructure, economic growth and so on. The strategy would also cover the combining of various means of promoting national security including defense, diplomacy, trade, aid, and arms control.
Writing for the Brookings Institution, Ashton Carter and David Schwartz (1984), defined the vital role of the military in peace as well as in war: 1) to deter adversaries from taking actions that are inimical to US interests (such actions can be political as well as military); 2) to assure friends and allies of protection, thereby cementing alliance ties, and; 3) to defend the United States or friendly nations if deterrence fails to prevent war.1
The utility of military force rests on the principle that it is used to achieve military and political objectives. In the words of the US Joint Chief of Staff or JCS, the use of military force and military strategy is an art and science that is concerned with employing the armed forces of a nation “to secure the objectives of national policy by the application of force or the threat of force.”2 Military power is fundamental in order to defeat an enemy on the battlefield.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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