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Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance - Report Example

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This paper "Has Government by States Given Way to Inter – and Non-State Governance?" focuses on the fact that the development of technology in the last decades has led to equal development of the state governance. States around the world have proceeded to the extensive alternation of their powers.  …
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Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance
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Extract of sample "Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance"

Download file to see previous pages The application of theories related to the state and its governance can be proved very helpful towards the creation of an effective and well-structured state. However, the phenomenon of a ‘subjective’ interpretation of the above theories is common especially when there are specific targets that need to be achieved by the interested parties (usual participants in a state’s political or social life). For this reason, it is necessary that specific rules and guidelines are followed when studying and interpreting the views of theorists regarding the position, the role and the power of the state.

Within the state, there are many ‘political’ and ‘social’ forces that try to impose their position on the citizens. In this case, ‘democratization’ is often confused with the ‘nationalism’. Towards this direction, Pfaff (2002, 81) stated that ‘Weber's concept of social leadership unites charismatic domination with nationalism and scepticism concerning effective democratic politics; however as much as it anticipates the central dilemma of charismatic solutions to a political crisis, Webers thought favours nationalist and social responses to democratization that have been largely discredited by historical experience’. An interesting point of Weber’s state theory is his view on the revolution which, in accordance with Weber, is considered to be ‘a non-legitimate form of change, insofar as the source of legitimate power is the authority of military command in a community of fate organized for foreign war adumbrating some aspects of contemporary state-breakdown theory, in which revolution hinges upon geopolitical strain and fiscal crisis splitting elites and remaining closer to classic Marxian theory of revolutionary interest groups mobilized from below’. Moreover, according to Watt (2006, 4), ‘the role of local government is viewed in the context of the overall role of government per se; a particular advantage of local government lies in its ability to arrange for the provision of local public goods in line with local tastes and preferences; a number of arguments suggest that local governments should be assigned adequate powers of local taxation to finance their expenditure responsibilities rather than having to rely on central government grant’.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance Report, n.d.)
Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance Report.
(Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance Report)
Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance Report.
“Has Government by States Given Way to Inter and Non-State Governance Report”.
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