What Is Federalism Factors That Have Allowed Federalism To Shape The American Political Behaviour - Essay Example

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Federalism is a concept in the political environment where actors are working with each other through a bond. Most of federal governments are bound by covenants that are initiated by the representatives of the government…
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What Is Federalism Factors That Have Allowed Federalism To Shape The American Political Behaviour
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"What Is Federalism Factors That Have Allowed Federalism To Shape The American Political Behaviour"

The political environment has been characterised by a change in many aspects (Zimmerman, 2009). This has improved the politics of the states as they cement their relationship. To begin with, in the past, decisions were made by a number of people in power. This was a situation where few people made decisions about governance of the whole country, which was retrogressive. This could lead to haphazard implementation of policies. In the end, some people would not realize the benefits of such decisions. However, in the current state, democracy is one aspect that is respected. People have to democratically make decisions. For example, when the decisions made are likely to affect the entire population, people have to use democratic approaches. This has helped to improve the political environment in the U.S. Secondly, the American population realized the need to specify the rights of humans in the constitution. Previously, there was a drift between federalists and non-federalists about inclusion of the human rights in the constitution (Zimmerman, 2009). After inclusion of the human rights, many people have realised the importance and highlight their rights when affected. This has helped bond the population as they strive to exercise their rights without fail. Thirdly, several aspects have changed in the United States concerning important issues like gun control, powers of the police and violence against women. In the past, these contentious issues were hardly highlighted. However, with sensitization of these issues, the government has had to explicitly state its stand. For example, violence against women is a heinous offence and is punishable. A number of factors have allowed federalism to shape the American political behaviour. First, Americans are allowed to express their stand in the political environment. People that think alike are allowed to share ideas in their political endeavours (Hill, 2012). For example, it is openly noted that American consists of democrats and republicans. The conservatives and liberals are allowed to exchange their political views on contentious issues in the political scene. This has helped many people realize the importance of federalism. As such, the country will have a better and improving political environment. Apparently, these attitudes are determinants in the elections as they play a role in determining representatives that will be voted. Gender is an aspect that is sensitive, especially in the American politics. The first women representatives were voted in the early 1900’s, and this has helped change their behaviour in the political scene (Zimmerman, 2009). In these days, women are increasingly vying for elective posts. This has been attributed by the sensitization of the population against gender discrimination. As such, women feel they have an equal opportunity in vying for elective posts. This has changed the behaviour of the American population in a number of ways. First, women spearhead issues that affect other women, children and underprivileged. In the end, it improves the focus on such issues that are rectified immediately. Secondly, the gender equity and equality debate has improved the behaviour as many women are taking their opportunities. With equal opportunities, many people that are qualified for the jobs will have a better chance of clinching them. In addition to this, it has helped the population realize their potential. This has improved the American society as all the potential people struggle to achieve their goals. Thirdly, religion has helped shape the American behaviour (LaCroix, 2010). For example, it is stated that some religions express their interests on the economic issues. As such, their government will have to Read More
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