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What Is Federalism Examples How Federalism Has Evolved From Its Origins To The American Political System - Essay Example

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After the War on Independence was triumphantly fought and the Declaration of Independence was signed and delivered in speech, the Articles of Confederation were ratified with the principal objective of forming a league out of sovereign states…
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What Is Federalism Examples How Federalism Has Evolved From Its Origins To The American Political System
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"What Is Federalism Examples How Federalism Has Evolved From Its Origins To The American Political System"

Download file to see previous pages This period marked a significant development from the older structure since, unlike dual federalism, cooperative federalism had been capable of promoting a kind of federalism that could nurture accomplishments brought about by the presence of harmonious relationship and communication between the governing bodies. Former attempts to restrict allocation of powers were replaced by political attitudes that exhibited willingness to complete a fair share of tasks or duties and to recognize each other’s rights within the federal system. Through this phase, federalism managed to have remedied in part socio-economic problems through the authorization of the national income tax which further addressed the need to sustain the grant-in-aid system (Greene). Out of the cooperative federalism evolved yet another form called ‘contemporary federalism’ which took effect from 1970 until 1997. This phase was found to bear unpleasant inconsistencies in the federal governance due to issues on federal regulations, increasing lack of funds for federal mandates, and especially worsening disputes over matters that involved determination of the nature and substance of federalism. Apparently, as exemplified in the phases that depict the manner by which federalism evolved, no one form or structure seemed to have stabilized the American federal system which to this day remains a controversial open-ended subject of arguments. (2) Examine three to five (3-5) factors that have allowed the concept of federalism to shape American political behavior. I -- The desire for the process of unification to respond to the unsettled concerns of those who had been declared free by virtue of independence from the British rule: Even after the Declaration of Independence, the American citizenry...
The nation, however, observed and felt a great deal of inadequacies in the Articles of Confederation that it sought to nullify the latter and instead, draft a new Constitution that would make possible the existence of a federal government whose set of formal authorities ought to be shared within a setting that consists of a national government and a state government. While this system of governance is well identified with the principle of federalism, the governmental structure at the time was not bound to be the same over the course of U.S. history. Eventually, such federalism would be subject to undergo phases of development that had led to the current political weather of the American society and economy as a whole. As one instance of evolution, back in the span between 1789 and 1901, the original state of federalism turned into what had become known as ‘dual federalism’ whereby the states and their people fervently agreed on granting the central government a limited range of explicitly enumerated powers.
For one, the complexities of grounds or situations occurring in either state or national affairs upon which policies are made and regulated account for a factor which determines how the interaction between the states and the U.S. federal government must proceed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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