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Politics, the Role of Good Governance - Assignment Example

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The reporter underlines that the role of good governance is widely considered as a crucial factor contributing towards eradicating poverty and promoting human development, not only in less developed countries but also in developed nations…
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Politics, the Role of Good Governance
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Download file to see previous pages The discussion focuses on the role of democracy in influencing the overall development of low-income countries. It also precisely outlines the performance of these countries after their independence and acceptance of a democratic system.
There are various forms of governance system such as monarchy, dictatorship and democratic practiced by different nations around the world. However, since last few decades’, democratic form of governance systems has gained tremendous popularity and is widely favored by both people and experts, especially in low-income or developing countries. Most of the nations around the world have either already transformed their governance system into a democracy, or they are observed as endeavoring to transfer their governance system into a democratic structure. One of the best definitions for the term was given by U.S. President Mr. Abraham Lincoln, which states democracy as “government of the people, by the people and for the people”. It should be noted in this regard that the word ‘democracy’ primarily focuses on the people and not on the government2.
The world is now more democratic than it was ever before. After the independence of many Asian and African nations, countries have adopted a democratic system of government in the face of intense poverty and relentless social as well as economic apprehensions. Nonetheless, democratization in low-income countries has resulted in positive outcomes in several fronts, especially in achieving universal primary education and eliminating gender disparities in access of basic education. The democratization in low-income countries has indeed helped them to reduce child mortality rate and a poverty rate that was likely being faced by many developing countries before democratization. The spread of democratization along with the integration of world economy through globalization process and the dramatic technology revolution have accumulatively contributed in an increased potential of the low-income countries for improving the lifestyle of the citizens ensuring greater human freedom and well-being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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