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International Relations Theory Application - Term Paper Example

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The "International Relations Theory Application" paper is an exercise to test the author's ability to apply a theory to a historical case. The author did choose one theoretical hypothesis or proposition from one of the course readings and choose one historical event or decision from world politics…
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International Relations Theory Application
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Extract of sample "International Relations Theory Application"

Download file to see previous pages Our proposition is a theory from Russett  who said, “Democracies rarely fight each other (an empirical statement) because they have other means of resolving conflicts between them and therefore do need to fight each other (a prudential statement).”

Russett3 then argued then the by this reasoning, the more democracies there are in the world, the fewer potential adversaries we and other democracies there are in the world, the fewer potential adversaries democracies will have and the wider the zone of peace.

The proposition means that democratic peace as a concept in international relations will promote peace. I believe that the proposition is correct because of the validity of the arguments used by the author.

Some of his arguments are as follows: Under the democratic norms and culture, the states instead of resorting to war normally compromise and they find other ways to solve problems. In a democratic state, power is given to the people to vote. Their legislative officials or even their head of the government are elected into office and such responsibility is demanded from these officers. Russett argued that the normal practice in democracies is to find a compromise or put it up to a vote. There is, therefore, to get a consensus or a majority vote before powers are vested and exercise. If the sentiments or decisions of the citizens are not to authorize a war, officials under a democratic state will find it difficult to stay in office.

Russett5 also argues that the structure of democratic institutions makes the process of going to was slow. It is believed that the process which required mobilization and authorization and public support may allow more time for diplomacy to work. 

Since war as a national decision may entail a lot of sacrifice from the citizens of democratic states when their government will go to war, more consultations and debates on the topic may delay the mobilization and authorization. The manner how a decision is arrived at in a democratic state is also transparent and people may actually see war preparations happening. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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