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Current debates in comparative politics - Book Report/Review Example

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This essay analyzes the piece of work in form of a novel, that entitled the president and authored by Miguel Angel Asturias and depicts the state of dictatorship leadership. The writer scrutinizes how evil from influential political leaders run down into the people at their homes and even on the streets…
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Current debates in comparative politics
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that more arrests and torture continued more assistance of Miguel Angel Face and their lovers were arrested. The women were sold in the flesh market. Abel Carvajal the lawyer was sentenced to death and his burial site was a topmost secret even his wife was not shown (Asturias 1964). The president used other people to execute others not knowing they will be the next victims. Lucio Vasquez murdered zany and received a death penalty at last.
A love story develops a love that never was. Camilla was reported sick and Miguel chose to look after her and through this felt in love with her. This made the president very furious and made a plot to separate Camilla from Miguel. Immediately after their official wedding, Miguel was sent on a mission to Washington to gather information on what is being said about the president and was promised that his wife will join him in Washington soon. On the ship to Washington, Miguel was transferred into a train beaten and taken to prison. His wife waited patiently for communication from Miguel but all in vain. She later learned from people that his husband was safe in Washington which was a lie to make her believe that her husband had abandoned them. To get back at his husband, Camilla married the president.
The president in the novel, the president, wishes to show the world that his citizens democratically elected him to power. He uses monologues, reverie sequences and most of the indirect languages to state changes his regime will implement during his reign.

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