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The Rise of China on the Current World Order - Essay Example

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The end of the Cold War saw major restructuring of collaborative and cooperative relationships by various states around the world. According to Volgy, Šabič, Roter and Gerlak (2009), the new world order saw the views of a majority of states that believed in multilateral organisational context as being salient to pursuance of collaborative world objectives…
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The Rise of China on the Current World Order
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The fact that a majority of major economic powers hold strong preference for the current world order should not be surprising because of the lessons learnt from the disturbances in the 20th century that shook international politics, causing a rise of new institutional arrangements. As such, even before the end of World War II, there were efforts aimed at creating world constitutional order.
America and other industrialised countries have entered into an age where they experience profound transformation since the international economy emerged in the period around the 17th and 18th centuries. The rise of the Asian economy, specifically China, has greatly influenced international affairs. In fact, Lampton (2008) notes that China’s re-emergence as a key world economic and political actor has received much recognition globally. The size of China’s market and its integration into the world economy has been a source of many opportunities and uncertainties at equal measures. There have been concerns regarding its currency, global trade and appetite for energy (Bergsten, Freeman, Lardy & Mitchell, 2008). Furthermore, concerns have been raised with regards to China’s policies on finance, resource management, food security and commodity prices as affecting millions of people outside its boundaries. In fact, Xing compares it to America’s “erstwhile role” making it an “indispensable country” (2010, n.p.). Therefore, the rise of China would definitely have a negative impact on the current world order. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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