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Is the rise of China good or bad news for the pursuit of global justice How should the world deal with it - Essay Example

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Name: Title: Date: Is the rise of China good or bad news for the pursuit of global justice? How should the world deal with it? The clash of ideas and opinions between people is bound to happen no matter how hard they try to create harmony for everyone or everything in this world, although fundamentally same, has its own distinct features…
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Is the rise of China good or bad news for the pursuit of global justice How should the world deal with it
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Extract of sample "Is the rise of China good or bad news for the pursuit of global justice How should the world deal with it"

Download file to see previous pages The leader country with sheer power and authority defines the concept of justice for the rest of the world by mutual agreement. Consequently, after the approval, the idea is applied throughout the world. From past several years, the United Stated of America has firmly determined the whole idea of global justice by playing the role of the leader of the world. China’s provision of a better alternative to Capitalism, supply of loans to Britain and other countries for the construction of infrastructure and its remarkable performance in the educational field prove that the rise of China promises a good future for the world as a whole, however, instead of just conforming to the Chinese system, every country should decide the concept of fairness for itself from a clear perspective of global justice (Jacques). The rise of a new era is currently being witnessed by the people of this world. Europe was considered to be the central authority of the world nearly 200 years ago. Later, it was replaced by the United States of America as the leader of the world. At present, we are barely aware of the fact that China is very slowly replacing America as the leading nation, steadily marking the end of American era by giving birth to a new global order. Martin Jacques, the author of "When China Rules the world", predicted through a Goldman Sachs chart that the US economy would be overtaken by China until 2027. However, it is just a prediction and the impossibilities regarding the whole concept of China ruling the world cannot be neglected altogether. Conversely, if we observe China’s current system and policies, it can be concluded that China is not like West. It is more of a civilization state rather than a nation state. This is the only explanation as to why Chinese have this innate sense of harmony and solidity. In the same way, their respect and admiration for their state and the acceptance of beliefs like "one country, two systems" in Hong Kong embodies them with the sense of civilization unlike Europe’s experience of a nation (Jacques). The Chinese work as a family where each member of the household performs their assigned duties, thereby equally contributing to the prosperity of the family. Their sense of unity and dedication to the state certainly does not allow observing China through the prism of West. While America is busy flaunting its greater power and hold on the world, China is engaged in work. The whole country is gripped by a fresh wave of optimism and hopefulness. According to survey conducted in 2010, only 24% people in America and 20% in Britain felt positive about the economic conditions of their respective countries as compared to the massive 91% population of China. Chinese economy is growing at the rate of approximately 9 to 10% per year and that is exactly the reason behind the predictions regarding the rise of China over US in the next two decades. China currently exports a gigantic amount of manufactured goods and imports enormous amounts of natural goods. In 2011, it surpassed even America in the trading business, consequently, becoming the largest producer of manufactured goods in the whole world. It is indeed a great achievement on the part of China mainly because America held this privilege for almost 110 years (Jacques). Keeping in view these diverse yet impressive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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