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The recently concluded election in the UK was the most unpredictable and consequential in the history of the country. The future of the nation of on the line…
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Response Paper for Comparative Politics On reading a story published by CNN on 5th may it is clear that the politicallandscape of the UK is fast changing. The recently concluded election in the UK was the most unpredictable and consequential in the history of the country. The future of the nation of on the line as the country prepared to go to the general elections. After decades of political stability, the emergence of other parties into the main stream of UK politics is threatening the peace that has been witnessed in the country for many years. Based on this news, it is evident that the concept of comparative politics that asserts “politics in different countries works in much a similar manner and differently in others” is brought out.
In this story, the concept of political similarity and differences in countries is brought out when it is asserted that the political stability of the UK is on the line. Specifically, political similarity is the most prevalent concept of comparative politics that is seen in this text. According to this concept, it is evident that like several other countries in the world that are experiencing political disunity, the UK is also on the verge of joining the same route.
There is more than can be seen in the future of the unified nation because the disunity in the political arena is worrying. The entire political system in country is on the verge of entering into the unknown after enjoying political stability for several decades, and with some excellent prime ministers such as Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair.1 The current trend is seeing the strengths of biggest political parties in the country, the conservatives and the labor, being tested by the introduction of the smaller parties into the political arena. Much the same way as in some other countries where most political parties are based on regional or ethnical backgrounds, the smaller parties in the UK have also emerged the same grounds. The smaller parties are based on regional links and their political agenda is to drift away from the current culture of two-part dominance.2
The story by CNN on the politics best brings out the concept of comparative politics. The story confirms that indeed the way politics is conducted in various countries is much similar. Much the same way like most countries in the world, UK is also facing the likelihood of mushrooming of smaller political parties. Many political scientists hold that partisanship and voting behavior are such a complex phenomenon that cannot be explained by a single model. Nevertheless, the current situation in the contemporary world is that voter alignment is based on the three issues of political links, issues, and candidates. The contemporary political world is characterized by a tendency of voters voting based on either their ethnicity, political affiliation or perhaps the ideas of candidate3.
However, ethnicity and political affiliation are the dominant factors that shape the political landscape of most of the countries. Whereas, some countries such as the United States, and UK were used to be characterized by two political parties, the political situation in these countries is fast changing with the mushrooming of other smaller political parties. Though two or three strong political parties characterize most countries in the world, there have been many disunities and discontent within these parties prompting smaller and ethnic based political parties.
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