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Is the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper too powerful - Essay Example

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This paper will argue that the prime minister, Stephen Harper, is too powerful because he has the majority members of parliament, has the power to appoint the senators, he is a party leader, and has full control over the media. Harper also leads the conservative party, which has formed the government…
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Is the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper too powerful
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Extract of sample "Is the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper too powerful"

Download file to see previous pages Harper's role as the prime minister of Canada grants him the ability to control the interactions of resources in foreign countries, for instance, aiding countries such as Israel in the past, and present. This not only which presents the image of wealthy, authoritative force that dramatically affects not only his home country but those countries outside of Canada.Harper's role as the prime minister of Canada grants him the ability to control the interactions of resources in foreign countries, for instance, aiding countries such as Israel in the past, and present. This not only which presents the image of wealthy, authoritative force that dramatically affects not only his home country but those countries outside of Canada.  Ultimately, power is everything to most people. It is every politician’s dream to yield power over others. Harper rose to power in 2006 when his party formed the government. In the 2011 elections, he formed a government which enjoys support in parliament. He controls both houses using his party, the conservative party. He is in no doubt powerful and yields immense power more than any other prime minister before him. He enjoys massive support in parliament since his party has more members than any other party. He is allowed to appoint senators and he recently made appointments that increased the number of conservatives in the Senate. This has made it easier for him to control the Senate. Harper is also a party leader.  He is the leader of the conservative party which gives him power because he is able to control policies and tactics within the party. Parliamentarians allied to the party are bound to party policies. Harper’s ability to control the ability has also empowered him. He is able to decide what the media says about him. Harper’s administration has the highest number of communication officials compared to any other administration before him. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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