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British Prime Minister Become Too Powerful - Essay Example

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This research paper “British Prime Minister Become Too Powerful” examines the most important person in the politics in the British parliament. Prime minister is in charge of appointing the cabinet and as well making the final decision on major issues…
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British Prime Minister Become Too Powerful
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Download file to see previous pages Prime minister is the party leader in the House of Commons because of rights accorded in selecting the cabinet, deciding agenda in cabinet meetings; hand out most of the departmental positions where he also chairs the parliamentary progress. The prime minister who is in the House of Commons has authorities to dismiss ministers from the house. He has power to direct and control policies for the government as the chief executive. The prime minister is ultimately accountable for policies and government decisions, he also oversees the civil service and other governmental agencies and appoints cabinet members and serves as the principal government member in the House of Commons. He or she heads the government, providing political leadership within the government cabinet system and the country at large. Its specific tasks include appointment and dismissal of government ministers, presiding over the cabinet and its committee (Dooley 172). It is also bound to set date of meetings and general elections and as well present the state in the international arena. According to Kevin Dooley (2009), the British prime minister is the most powerful voice in the British politics. The British prime minister is elected by the majority party in the House of Commons. The connection allows the British prime minister to have the ability to be actively engaged. The prime minister is ultimately accountable for policies and government decisions, he also oversees the civil service and other governmental agencies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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