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Prime Minister - Essay Example

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In UK, the Head of the Government is the Prime Minister, but he is not the Head of the State, and that position goes to the Monarchy. After the Glorious Revolution of 1688, when the Bill of Rights was passed curtailing the rights of Monarch, George I, Parliament prohibited him from attending directly, but empowered him to appoint a cabinet, the leader of which was the Prime Minister and thus, the said office came into existence…
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Prime Minister
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Download file to see previous pages UK Prime Minister could be termed as 'dude with all the power' once he is elected2. Today, most of the constitutional monarchies are prime ministerial by nature and structure. It is alleged that the Prime Minister's office does not have much legal roots, but is open to speculation and calculation of historians and political scientists3. In recent years, perhaps the most accused Prime Minister as a dictator is Margaret Thatcher4. Not having properly written powers has not prevented the Prime Minister's office from being in control of most of the situations5. The nature of the Prime Minister's work is all-pervasive. He is the national leader, chief policy maker, Parliament leader, leader of the ruling party and the most powerful point in whole of United Kingdom and all information and power are at his disposal6. UK Prime Ministers are also charged of sometimes behaving like the United States President.
The Prime Minister, even though appointed by the British Monarch, is bound by the constitutional convention and if happens to lose the majority in House of Commons, is bound to resign or request for a general election. To some extent, Prime Minister's office is still a de facto shade in it; it is governed more by custom than by the law of the land. British Monarch is bound by Prime Minister's advice and this gives the Prime Minister a more powerful position. He also can use certain royal prerogatives directly7.
Even though Prime Ministers are never prevented from running the country in their own individual syle, the fact remains that the his position remains ambiguous as he is not empowered by any statutory authority, other than his position, usually, as the First Lord of the Treasury, which grants him his salary and the public accommodation. The office of the Prime Minister is more conventional than that of a rightful position from the Constitution. But during times of emergency, the office attains greater significance as demanded by the circumstances8.
As the Prime Minister is entitled to 'create a Cabinet', a corrupt Prime Minister can take advantage of this situation and fill the posts with his own people, who would blindly support him under all circumstances. As the Monarch's Royal Prerogative is applied by Prime Minister's advice, he could give the monarch feedbacks and suggestions, which would eventually serve his purpose and misguide the Sovereign in matters of country and law. The 'face' of the Royal power, the Cabinet can be bought by the Prime Minister and the whole set of officials, cabinet ministers, and even the members of the Ruling Party could be in his favour, if he bribes and favours them. He has power over Privy Counsellors, Ambassadors, Civil Servants, High Commissioners, army, military officers, judges, Bishops and Archbishops of the Church of England. Almost all these posts are filled up with the Prime Minister's advice to the Sovereign and a corrupt Prime Minister can bring his own people, with the ultimate goal of becoming a dictator. Even the peerages, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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