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The author concludes that China is by far the most prominent force in Asia. It has allies, stable finances, and a spectacular military. The support for China among Asian countries can be justified that people worship the rising sun, but it is also their necessity to support an economic giant.   …
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Influence of China on its Neighbors
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Influence of China on its Neighbors China is without a doubt the king of Asia. Be it economics, military or international relations, there is no parallel to this nation of over a billion people in this continent. China is well aware of the changing times. It is by no means an ancient world it was once considered. The leading tech companies of the US rely on Chinese supplies. In a way Chinese manufacturers hold the key to an optimized income for the American tech giants like Apple Inc., Microsoft Inc., etc. This economic power makes China a financial force to reckon with in Asia.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, China holds the crown of Asia. Every neighboring country of China finds its support in the matter of international relations. For instance, Pakistan seeks Chinese vote in the UN for the disputed territory of Kashmir. Similarly, Bangladesh finds (and gets) military support from China. This tactic might be based on China’s interest of keeping the upper hand against the rising power of Indian military but in the process Chine wins a strategic ally.
There are very few economic powers in the world that are non-threatening. When it comes to Chinese neighbors, the country has kept neutral or friendly relations with most of them. Soviet Union was a Eurasian giant, but it was ruthless and had volatile relations with its neighbors. China is relatively non-threatening to its neighbors. Its policies are helpful and seek long term stability with its partners.
Chinese trade relations with other countries are based on the preferences of their leaders. This is a long term and a highly rewarding strategy for China. It also helps win China the influence it needs to dominate Asia. In recent times, China has dramatically improved its relations with Korea and South East Asia. For this reason, it was the mediator in the North Korean nuclear crisis.
The Chinese economic exchange with its neighbors also supports its internal economics. Its economic engine gets the essential fuel it requires to run at a steady pace. Its influence in Asian territories is non-threatening because China engages with its neighbors frequently. Its neighbors are not afraid of its rising economic and military power.
Asian countries also support China because they consider it an icon for the international balance of power. The U.S. has significant voice and presence in the international politics. It is only natural to have the power (like China) that can counter the American dominance in the world. In addition, there is an urge in the Chinese people to return China to its original position of power it once enjoyed in the history. But it should be noteworthy that power politics, intimidation and expansion seem to be absent from its agenda. China has several territorial issues with India and some other countries, but they are as ancient as the country is.
China is by far the most prominent force in Asia. It has allies, stable finances and a spectacular military. The support for China among Asian countries can be justified that people worship the rising sun, but it is also their necessity to support a non-threatening economic giant. Read More
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Influence of China on Its Neighbors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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