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Every Act of Terrorism is a Wrongful Act - Essay Example

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 This essay "Every Act of Terrorism is a Wrongful Act" dwells on the history of terrorism, the major terrorists in the world, reasons why the terrorists make the lives of people miserable, acts of terrorism that affect the people and recommendations to stop terrorism…
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Every Act of Terrorism is a Wrongful Act
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Extract of sample "Every Act of Terrorism is a Wrongful Act"

Download file to see previous pages  The first question is "what is terrorism" and the second question is " can the act of terrorism be morally justified" or to put it on the focus of the paper, whether terrorism is always wrong or not. Philosophers have presented a variety of positions on both questions. With regards to the definition of terrorism, their dominant view looks to allow the core meaning "terrorism" has in universal use. Terrorism is considered as a form of violence (Brzoska 2014, p. 67). A number o definitions stress the experience of fear or terror as the main of that violent act. Neither terror nor violence is inflicted for its own personal sake, but instead for the sake of an unrelated aim like coercion or political goal (Primoratz 2012, p. 23). However, there are definitions, as well, which sever the abstract connection of terrorism with terror or with violence (Wright 2007, p. 21). With regards to the moral stance of terrorism, many philosophers have different opinions on how that is to be determined, as well as what the determination is. Consequentialists recommend viewing terrorism, like everything else, taking into consideration its consequences (Walzer 2006, p. 3). Nonconsequentialists claim that its moral stance is not just a matter of what effects, on balance, terrorism has, but is instead determined, whether only or mainly, by what it is. Stances on the ethics of terrorism vary from justification when its effects on balance are upright, or when some deontological moral needs have contended, to its almost absolute, absolute or rejection (Honderich 2004, p. 14).
The essay is going to discuss whether terrorism is always wrong.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Every Act of Terrorism Is a Wrongful Act Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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