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Is there any connection between terrorism and religion - Research Paper Example

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The misinterpretation and the misuse of religion and religious teachings to spread terrorism for various purposes and selfish interests has been the bane of mankind since ancient times (Shattuck, 2008). Sometimes the purpose is solely religious…
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Is there any connection between terrorism and religion
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Extract of sample "Is there any connection between terrorism and religion"

Download file to see previous pages The aim of this paper is to establish that no religion of the world advocates violence and terrorism, and that there is no connection between the act of terrorism and religion, regardless of what the media or the authorities might have the masses believe.
Generally, there are two schools of thought among the population: those who believe that it is religion that spreads ill will among people, and therefore, the only solution is to eradicate the concept of religion in order to attain world peace; and those, although in minority, rightly understand that religion of any kind has no relation with the spread of terrorism, and therefore, the only solution to a stable society is religious tolerance and social education (Shattuck, 2008).
To assume that religion is at the foundation of rebellion and terrorism, and hence, to fight against any religious activity, is an effort in the wrong direction. Belief, of whatever kind, is at the core of human existence (Shattuck, 2008); it is imperative that man would believe in and submit to a higher power, regardless of the nature or identity of that power. It is, therefore, impossible to strip mankind of this fundamental concept and act, as it is ingrained in the very nature of man (Shattuck, 2008). It is, moreover, for this very reason, extremely easy for the miscreants to motivate people on religious grounds, as religion is often a sensitive and volatile issue (Shattuck, 2008). By presenting a twisted and wrongful picture of religion, and by misinterpreting the religious text, the terrorists have been able to recruit many young people, especially young males, into their ranks (Hassan, 2009). The fact that it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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