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North Korea defectors effect on South Korean society. is positive or negative - Essay Example

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The paper "North Korea Defectors Effect On South Korean Society" describes what after World War II and the Korean War, Korea divided into North and South Korea. Due to religious, political and ideological differences, some North Koreans decided to defect and live in South Korea…
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North Korea defectors effect on South Korean society. is positive or negative
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Download file to see previous pages The North Koreans settlement in South Korea has hampered the medical sector since the available medical facilities are not sufficient to serve the increased population. The BBC reported that many people have died due to poor medical care resulting from the shortage of medical staff and related supplies. The defectors are often faced with psychological problems and hence psychiatrists have had an increased load of work and their numbers cannot satisfy the demanding population. Psychological sufferings have therefore been manifested among the South Koreans. A report by the CNN showed that the problem of housing has become a concern in South Korea following the increased population in the last decade. The South Korean government took the initiative of providing the defectors with a house to settle in as well as funds and a career guider. The report stated that offering of houses to the defectors reduced the numbers of houses available to settle in and this has led to negative effects on the housing sector. The cost of housing has increased and this has promoted the emergence of slums and shantytowns in areas such as Rio de Janeiro and Gaema. The Chosun new also reported that following the increased population and unemployment, the security level among the South Korea society has reduced. The unemployed youth have resulted into robbery into finding a source of livelihood. In conclusion, the migration of the North Koreans into South Korea has had both positive and negative effects on the South Korean society. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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