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North Korea is a part of eastern Asia. It shares its borders with South Korea, China and Russia. It has Korea Bay on one side and the Sea of Japan on the other. Pyongyang is the capital city of the country. Here we will consider : politics, government and economy of North Korea …
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North Korea
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Download file to see previous pages The conditions of the prisons are pitiable. The government does not pay any attention to the malnutrition, people of the state are facing. Executions are carried out in public. Many people escape to China for survival but have to face severe punishments if caught (Amnesty International USA, 2007). North Korea has been given the worst freedom house rating, a score of 7-7. It is known as the worst violator of human rights. A lot of people have died of malnutrition and the government focuses on its own needs only (Freedom House, n.d.). The corruption perception index ranks various countries based on the level of corruption in their public offices. Because of the absence of required sets of data, North Korea has never been included in the CPI's (Transparency International, 2007).
The currency of North Korea is the North Korean won. GDP of a country is an estimate of its economy. North Korea has a GDP of $1,900 per capita. GDP (real growth rate) is 1.6%. GDP (purchasing power parity) is $40 billion. GDP per sector is:
Agriculture - 30%
Industry - 34%
Services - 36%
An estimate of the labor force is 10 million with 36% into agriculture and 64% in industry and services. The major agricultural products are rice, corn, potatoes, soybeans, pulses; cattle, pigs, pork, eggs and major industries are related to military products; machine building, electric power, chemicals; mining, metallurgy; textiles, food processing. The country receives an external food aid of $81.11 million. The external debt is of $12 billion. Total export is of $1.437 billion and total import is of $3.181 billion (CIA,...
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea came into existence in 1948. Since independence the communist Korean Worker’s Party has ruled the country. The government of the country, under the leadership of Kim Jong Il, exhibits true dictatorship. There is a scarcity of food. Any person showing disrespect to KWP has to face tortures or even death penalties. The conditions of the prisons are pitiable.
North Korea is in critical economic and political situation. There is a need to introduce new economic reforms to stabilize the financial condition of the country. Laws must be crafted for the benefit of the society and for reducing the crime rate. New technologies need to be adopted for the development of the country and independence from the external financial aids.
With the world’s least free economy figure of 3%, North Korea holds 157th place out of 157 countries. No international authority is allowed to collect country’s economic information. North Korea has corruption rooted in every individual’s job profile. Government uses unlawful means of earning money, burdened with heavy international debts. There is no freedom of business or trade outside or within the country.
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