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The paper 'Essential about the Context in Boston that Enables Reverend Brown' focuses on the most important factor in the context in Boston that helped Brown and his minister team to introduce a major change that was that the situation had reached the stage of an absolute emergency…
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Essential about the Context in Boston that Enables Reverend Brown
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The big breakthrough that Brown and his team brought to the situation was to tackle all of the areas separately, with each minister taking responsibility for one area and yet to achieve unity of purposes through the fact that all ministers were working together on an agreed, ten-point plan.
The leadership emergence of Brown, Rivers, and Hammond can be seen as three different approaches that have the potential for success in their own right but become truly effective when they are put together and allowed to support each other.
Jeffrey Brown’s main contribution was to shift the focus for interventions from police policies to the young people on the streets themselves. By walking the streets he was able to build trust in his own area, and he had the initiative to go and seek out other local ministers who were prepared to take the same view and get out of their comfortable homes to meet with people on the streets. He provided facilities, and the kids came in large numbers.
Eugene Rivers had excellent communication skills, though at times he could be too abrasive, and he achieved nationwide publicity, funding and practical organization of support to the team.
Ray Hammond had political skills which helped the team in relations with police and other authorities. The interagency operation was key to the success of the program.
All three leaders made major contributions, but it was Brown with his powers of diplomacy and steady vision who kept them working together and solved the interpersonal differences. Read More
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The topic of "Essential about the Context in Boston that Enables Reverend Brown" is quite often seen among the tasks in college. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own essay.

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