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The paper 'Unmapping the Golden Triangle or the World on Drugs Passages' focuses on the War on Drugs which is the name given to the campaign which is started by the United States Government. The campaign is to restrict and prohibit the use and production of drugs illegally…
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Unmapping the Golden Triangle or the World on Drugs Passages
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The Golden Triangle is an area specified in Southeast Asia which consists of an area which is 367,000 square miles and overlaps four of Asia’s countries. This area has been known for the most extensive opium-producing areas in the entire world since the 1920s. The production and the supply of most of the drugs are made from this area for decades. The area contains a number of industries comprising of many business dealings made from all around the world in this center. All kinds of drugs and heroin are produced and transported from this area to different parts of the world. These drugs are also smuggled through illegal methods (Woodiwiss‎, 2010, p.178).

The War on Drugs in the Golden Triangle consists of initiatives taken by the different countries join together to stop the illegal production, usage, and transportation of drugs to the various areas of the world. Many of the efforts have been successful in the last few decades while many of them are still not. Every day, constantly new policies and strategies are being used to be able to control the drugs produced in the Golden Triangle as it is believed to be the center of the problem. Read More
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