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Triangle Solutions: Tablet Computers - Essay Example

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The paper "Triangle Solutions: Tablet Computers" describes that manufacturing companies need to invent new ideas on how to sustain the earth. As a manager of the Triangle solutions, we opted to provide a new idea to serve the market. This proposal focuses on the tablet computers as a new product…
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Triangle Solutions: Tablet Computers
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Extract of sample "Triangle Solutions: Tablet Computers"

Triangle Solutions: Tablet Computers As the earth is growing to be a global world, new technologies are needed to improve the economy and the environment. This is to certify that manufacturing companies need to invent new ideas on how to sustain the earth. As a manager of the Triangle solutions, we opted to provide a new idea to serve the market (Rwigema, & Venter, 2004). My proposal is to produce tablet computers to ease the hard issues people need to solve. As compared to the current world, people need something that eases their work without taking much space (Libecap, 2011). This proposal focuses on the tablet computers as a new product.
This paper will deal majorly with the pain points felt by the customers in reference to the new and old products. This will give a comparison and contrast on the old products and the new product provided by Triangle solutions. The solutions brought about by this product will be discussed deeply not forgetting the major competitors of the product. Finally, the price determinant of the product will be greatly discussed.
As a product manager of triangle solutions, I propose the production of tablet computers to counter other types of computers. The current tablet computers produced contain some disadvantages that customers complain about. Mostly, customers complain that these tablet computers come with pressure triggered stylus. This is a problem to some of the customers since they tend to loose these styluses. The problem comes in when these tablet computers must be operated with the stylus, but if the stylus is lost then operating the tablet computer will be difficult. This problem can only be solved by a multi-touch tablet computer. This means that the stylus is not really important in operating the tablet computer. If the stylus is lost, one can use his/her own hand in operating the tablet computer. Fortunately enough, this kind of the tablet computer is defined to solve such a problem since it is a multi-touch tablet computer. Most of the customers will never suffer the loss of styluses and the risk of not operating the tablet computers since they have the option of using their own hands in operating the tablet computer (Ballew, 2006).
Another problem complained by the esteemed customers is about size, flexibility, efficiency and time orientation of the current tablets. Most of the current tablets are big and heavy that most customers find it difficult to carry them around. Customers need a product that they can carry around and access it at any time they need. Most customers are business people and hence they are always on the trend of travelling. With the current versions of tablets, they can never travel with them since they are heavy and big. To solve this, I as a manager of the triangle solutions propose this kind of tablet computers which are smaller in size. Their weight is about 250 grams. This will enable business customers to travel anywhere with the tablets and access their tablets at any time.
This kind of tablet is installed with high definition batteries that may last up to about 10 hours if fully charged. Most of the laptops last to 6 hours maximum when fully charged. This inconveniences most of the customers. Additionally, it has web connections so that customers can access internet services at any time with no use of modems or other forms of internet connections. Most laptops and PCs require modems so as to connect to the internet. The proposed tablet computer has the modification of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth services to enhance sharing of documents (Ballew, 2006).
The screen will be much clear with the most features installed. It will include the latest operating system that will drive the tablet. Additionally, it will have programs such as Microsoft products to enable customers to create documents with no need of using laptops or PCs. This enhances on efficiency and flexibility. With the features installed in the tablet, it will serve a wide market. This market varies from students to workers. Workers can be self-employed or business people, government officials and other workers. This is because students can use this device to do their assignments. This will be a solution to the triangle company since it is a single product with many features. This will be the cheapest option to customers. Instead of customers buying laptops, cameras, modems and other products, they need to buy this tablet computer which has all these products (Kolle, 2001).
With the proposed type of tablet computers, a form of advertising this product should be introduced. Firstly, information will be published on the company’s website then in the social sites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube and other sites. Radios and televisions will also be used in advertising this great product to the customers. Public means such as banners, posters and fliers, will also be used in providing information to the customers. This way of advertising will capture a large group of customers which will increase sales for the company.
The price of the tablet computers depends on several factors. Some of the factors to be focussed on when pricing include memory size of the tablet, operating system, sensitivity of the touch screen. Generally, the tablet with the largest memory, good operating system, and with sensitive screen will be expensive costing about $862. The tablet with less memory, moderate operating system, less sensitive screen will be cheap at about $229.
As discussed, this tablet computer has major features of laptops and PCs. The difference came in form of size, power and flexibility (Kolle, 2001). The tablet computer is small in size and holds power for a longer time than laptops and PCs. This creates efficiency and flexibility to customers. The tablet computer will serve as a solution to Triangle Company and its customers.
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Triangle Solutions: Tablet Computers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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