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US Foreign Policy - Assignment Example

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The paper “US Foreign Policy” focuses on foreign policy, which defines how the US interacts with other nations, individuals, and corporations around the world. With a defense budget of more than $ 1 trillion, the US foreign policy has been instrumental in shaping relations with other nations…
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US Foreign Policy
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Extract of sample "US Foreign Policy"

This book provides a detailed review of American involvement in world politics including the historical developments in Middle East countries. The book dwells on the ongoing American intervention in Afghanistan and the political uprisings in the Middle East where the US has backed the end of dictatorial regimes (Cox and Stokes 40).
Dobson, Alan and Marsh, Steve. US foreign service since 1945. London. Taylor & Francis. 2006.
This book provides a chronology of post World War II US foreign policy. The book provides the democratic controls and sanctions that the US has imposed on various countries that have ignored calls for human rights protection. The book reviews the changes in US foreign policy after the September 11th terrorist attacks (Dobson and Marsh 158).
Hunt, Michael. Ideology and U.S foreign policy. Yale. Yale University Press. 2009.
Hunt provides an excellent analysis of the ideological principles of US foreign policy and the criticism of US involvement in the Middle East. According to Hunt, three factors that have shaped US foreign policy are the zeal to provide liberty abroad, the hostility towards historical revolutions and racial view of the world which perceives a battle between Anglo-Saxons and darker races (Hunt 256).
Pillar, Paul. Terrorism and U.S foreign policy. Brookings Institution Press. 2004.
This book provides the measures that the US government has taken in its approach towards global terrorism. The counterterrorism and foreign policies are geared at eliminating any deals between Americans and terrorists, bring the terrorist organizations to justice and imposing sanctions to countries that harbor and sponsor terrorists (Pillar 179).
Dumbrell, John. American foreign policy: Carter to Clinton. New York. St Martin Press. 1996.
This book provides a review of how the Vietnam War shaped the attitudes of American authorities towards its foreign policy. The book offers steps that were undertaken by both Carter and Clinton to restore a democratic foreign policy. The book provides for foreign policy actions that were undertaken to contain the growing Soviet Union power and communism in the Middle East in the 1980s (Dumbrell 239).
Kalaitzidis, Akis, and Streich, Gregory. U.S Foreign policy: a documentary and reference guide. Los Angeles. Greenwood. 2011.
This book offers an analysis of critical decisions on US foreign policy from George Washington to current Barrack Obama (Kalaitzidis and Streich 331). The book provides for different views on reasons for US involvement in the Iran-Iraq War and the Korean War. The book provides insights into why the US has maintained cordial relations with strategic alliance countries in the Middle East like South Korea. The book provides for recent diplomatic twists like the use of dialogue in resolving issues of nuclear stockpiles and the ongoing Israel- Palestinian conflicts.
Kaufman, Joyce. A concise history of U.S foreign policy. Lanham. Rowman & Littlefield. 2006.
According to this book, the US foreign policy has exported democracy and promoted capitalism in communist counties. The US foreign policy towards the Persian Gulf is mainly aimed at protecting the US energy and oil demands. The foreign policy towards African countries aim at providing humanitarian assistance, promotion of justice and freedom for all citizens (Kaufman 171)
Mead, Walter. Special Providence: American foreign policy and how it changed the world. New York. Sage. 2012.
This book provides for different schools of thought about US foreign policy. According to Hamiltonians and Wilsonians, the US foreign policy has aimed at shaping the global economy according to US interests. The book provides for the various US interventions in a global crisis like the Korean War and Kosovo crisis. According to the book, the US foreign policy is aimed at protecting the strategic interests of the US especially economic power and security aspects (Mead 400). Read More
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US Foreign Policy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 851 words - 8. Retrieved from
(US Foreign Policy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 851 Words - 8)
US Foreign Policy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 851 Words - 8.
“US Foreign Policy Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 851 Words - 8”, n.d.
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