Nuclear tension between the US and North korea ( past, and present) - Essay Example

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With the present bone of contention in the ambiguous Nuclear Weapon program of North Korea, this relationship has experienced everything; from threats of nuclear attacks to saving lives, extension of financial and economic aid to imposition of sanctions, freezing nuclear reactors in accordance with agreements signed to sudden changes in policies and declaration of power by performing Nuclear Tests…
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Nuclear tension between the US and North korea ( past, and present)
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Download file to see previous pages Having a background of unhappy interactions dating as early as the mid-nineteenth century, when the first diplomatic expeditions from America venturing to Korea and Japan for the sake of trade ended up killing 200 Korean troops, the history of negotiations between the two countries has been colored by high levels of distrust on either side. So far the course of events has made it evident what the policies of either country is aimed at. America, with friends in the neighborhood is seeking to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula and North Korea seems to be using Nuclear weapons as both ‘military deterrents’ and as a source of ‘diplomatic leverage’ to get what it wants from the international community.
With the successful nuclear tests of 2010 and the undeterminable intentions of satellite launch in 2012, North Korea’s doctrine on the nuclear program is gradually coming out into the open, striving for the same status as New Dehli i.e. the international acknowledgement of North Korea as a Nuclear Power along with the normalization of relations with the U.S. This may not exactly be acceptable to the U.S with its own concerns. However the cooperation of North Korea can only be achieved if its concerns regarding security are adequately addressed. Although this process may require patience and time, it is far better than the imposition of sanctions which further deters any developments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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