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Comparative Formal Analysis of Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of Deep South and Venus Rising From Sea-A Deception - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Instructor Date Comparative Formal Analysis of Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of the Deep South and Venus Rising From the Sea-A Deception Introduction Unlike contemporary environment where technological developments and advancements have enabled creation of real pictures, the classical era was highly respected on the fact that artists could perform paintings and other works that give a clear visions almost being real…
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Comparative Formal Analysis of Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of Deep South and Venus Rising From Sea-A Deception
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Extract of sample "Comparative Formal Analysis of Study for Aspects of Negro Life: An Idyll of Deep South and Venus Rising From Sea-A Deception"

Download file to see previous pages In deed, from these two artistic works it is very evident that there was great artistic work as compared to the contemporary world. In any case, the two artistic works also portray a specific kind of life, aspects of the Negro Life (Preziosi 25). Therefore, other than proving that classical artists were great these two artistic works depicts a kind of lifestyle. Summary of the two works Looking at the two picture, An Idyll of the Deep South and Venus rising From the Sea-A Deception, one thing that is clear is that whereas the former is drawn on a two dimensional basis the latter takes the perspective of a three dimensional object. Consequently, the latter looks real and it is as someone had taken a photo of a women bathing and covered by a linen cloth. On the other hand, the first painting is blurred and cannot be seen as a real object. There is a very significant difference between the first and second paintings as one looks real and the other looks exactly that it is a painting (Preziosi 31). Content wise, whereas the first painting of An Idyll of the Deep South has very many objects painted the latter has only one. In this regards, the second painting of Venus Rising From the Sea-A Deception has limited objects hence forming the dominance of the painting. It is easier for observers to concentrate on the second painting that the first photo. Description of the two works From the work of Aaron Douglas, An Idyll of the Deep South the first thing that encounters observers’ eye is the very many nude persons. In addition, the observer gets an encounter with some bright circular light that seems to brighten up the work. This is a portrait of lively people as the picture portrays people engaged in serious works given the fact that they at some instance are carrying various tools. According to the work, it seems that those involved are actively participating in doing some activities. While some have shovels, others have on their hands axes (Preziosi 39). Amazingly, the work has some trees and so an observer can conclude that those people are either cutting down the tress or planting some. There is a possibility that they are engaged in other activities such as farming. No doubt therefore, that other than displaying the skills of classical artists, these work is clearly elaborating on the various aspects of Negro life. On a different perspective, Raphaellle Peale develops an illusion of nude women bathing while covered by a linen cloth. Some times art may involve great deceptions especially in regards to how individuals behave towards different artistic works. According to this work, it is evident that the woman’s body does not reach the ground creating a probability that she is hanging, which in most cases becomes very hard to understand. Even though this artistic work is full of deception, it is clear that artistic works can be drawn on the perspective of three dimensions. With three-dimensional works, artistic works become more real than when drawn on the perspective of two-dimensional. Therefore, the works by Raphaelle Peale, Venus rising From the Sea-A Deception and that of Aaron Douglas, An Idyll of the Deep South proves that even during the classical period there were artists who could draw real ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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