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Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts - Assignment Example

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This work called "Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts" gives information about each text in detail, outlining the main peculiarities, methods, and approaches used in them. These texts discuss the same topic - scientific research on Einstein’s brain, but the level of discussion and expertise level lead to a significant change in the construction of two texts…
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Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts
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Extract of sample "Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts"

Download file to see previous pages The text is a report based on scientific research on Einstein’s brain where different researcher’s findings have been added. Therefore, it is non-interactive; thus having no interrogative clause either, which means readers don’t have to respond.
In addition to being non-interactive, it is non-spontaneous as well; because it is a report which inculcated findings of many researchers from a different era, which were later combined in the form of a report.
Last year the curators started to digitize the materials, which allows users to examine the neuro-anatomy as if they were sitting in front of a microscope, (14-15) last year the curators started to digitize the materials, which allows users to examine the neuro-anatomy as if they were sitting in front of a microscope, (14-15)
It refers to the process of saying. It also refers to the different modes of saying he told me a story. In the sentence  "He” is the sayer “Told” is the verbal process, “Me” Receiver and “A story” verbiage acknowledges the views of others. The purpose of such Nouns is to accept are such as ‘Yeah Grey’(3) Yeah (19). Moreover, the are some classifiers and describers of Noun eg The describers include Fancy (1), Unappealing (2), Little (7), Apparently (10), smaller (10), atomic (18), are the describer and Brain(10) is the classifier.
Text 1 is based on scientific research, whereas text 2 is based on the discussions between the two participants without expertise. Text 1 is based on the research work of experts in which the research is related to Einstein Brain. It includes a specialized news report based on scientific research on scientists and professors. On the other hand, participants in text 2 discussed the radio program Radio Talk(4). The discussion in text 2 also related to Einstein Brain but the level of expertise as compared to that of in-text 1 is lower for participants. Text 1 is primarily focused on the research conducted on Einstein's brain so the mental process, which refers to emotional factors are cannot be covered because text 1 is rational in nature. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts Assignment.
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Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts Assignment.
“Comparative Register Analysis of Two Texts Assignment”.
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