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Russia`s Motives in Relations with Central Asia and the Caspian Region - Essay Example

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This paper primarily talks about the economic interests of Russia in the Caspian Region and the Central Asia. It is argued, that the main goal of Russia`s activities in the region is gain of control over the oil reserves in the Caspian region and the Central Asia…
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Russia`s Motives in Relations with Central Asia and the Caspian Region
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Extract of sample "Russia`s Motives in Relations with Central Asia and the Caspian Region"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses the relevance between economic power and military power of Russia in relation to the its interests in maintaining good relationship with Central Asia and the Caspian Region. To secure Russia’s economic and political influence over the Caspian region, the Russian government is preparing and maintaining its military power in the Caspian region
Considering the economic and military power of Russia, this study discusses the history behind the Caspian Flotilla. As part of going through the main discussion, some real-life current events that are taking place between Russia, the Caspian region, and the central Asia are used as concrete evidences in proving the point of the research.
Located on the northern part of Iran and surrounded by the Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and the Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea is a point of political argument and fight between the Azerbaijan, Britain, and Russia because of its 20 to 40 billion barrels of proven oil reserves
Similar to case of the Caspian region, one of the main reasons why Russia is maintaining a good relationship with the Central Asia is because of the oil business. Since most of the Russian oil pipelines are controlled by Moscow, the Russian government has to maintain its political partnership with Central Asia to keep the flow of oil business transaction between Russia and other nearby countries in Asia normal.
Since a lot of countries in Central Asia have weak political power in the world market, Russia is also enjoying a lot of economic and political advantages there.
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Russia`s Motives in Relations With Central Asia and the Caspian Region Essay.
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